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Questions from the Campaign Trail

Is Jen running as a Democrat?

  • Jen is running as a Democrat.

  • Jen believes we have more in common than the differences we see online and in the media, and welcomes everyone, regardless of their political affiliation.


Where does Jen stand on abortion?

Jen would have voted against SB 1 and supports changes that would:

  • Restore a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions in the early stages of pregnancy.

  • Restore the time period for victims of rape and incest to obtain an abortion to 20 weeks– this was Indiana law prior to SB 1.

  • Eliminate burdensome requirements on doctors as they seek to treat a pregnant patient with life threatening conditions.

  • Eliminate the potential for criminal penalties for doctors treating pregnant women.


What will Jen do about inflation?

Jen recognizes that the increased cost of day-to-day living has negatively impacted all Hoosiers. She is also personally impacted by these costs every time she goes to the grocery store or puts gas in her car. Inflation is caused by a number of complex factors which are not controlled at the state level. However, she does believe that the Indiana General Assembly should discuss any possible ways that they can reduce this burden for Hoosiers until the federal and global economies can more effectively address this issue. 


Jen supports review of state taxes that hit Hoosier pocketbooks the hardest including:

  • Consideration of cutting state sales tax or excluding critical purchases from this tax altogether. 

  • Reducing the state gas tax including possible elimination of the automatic increases tied to inflation.


What does Jen think about the Second Amendment?

Jen fully supports the 2nd amendment and personally participates in shooting sports. But like most responsible gun owners she supports common sense policies to curb gun violence including:

  • Indiana's "red flag" law that allows law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from those who threaten harm to others or themselves with restoration of their firearms following due process. 

  • Restoration of Indiana's handgun registration requirement. The legislature, against the advice of law enforcement, repealed this law that provided an important check to help keep guns out of the wrong hands.


Should CRT and gender be taught in schools?

With two daughters in Zionsville Community Schools, Jen stays very involved in the courses and curriculum provided. She knows that CRT and gender are not being taught in the school districts. She believes:

  • We need to reduce tensions in schools, not escalate them with unnecessary state laws that serve to curb speech or expression.

  • Classroom issues related to sensitive or controversial topics are best handled at the local level– first, with teachers and parents and with school administration, if necessary.

  • Schools should continue to focus on math, reading, science, languages, technical skills and the creative and performing arts, while supporting the emotional and social growth of each student.


What does it mean to represent the majority of voters? 

The current legislature does not accurately represent the population of Indiana. Bringing balance to the legislature will allow more voices to be heard, and more effective compromise to be reached. 

  • Jen will listen to her constituents and endeavor to understand their varying perspectives. 

  • Ultimately, she will do what she believes is in the best interest of the district, making decisions that bring more resources to more people, and protecting our freedom to vote, our freedom to learn, and our freedom to succeed.

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