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Jen Bass-Patino for Indiana House District 25

The Change We Need.

The Voice We Deserve.

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About Jen

Jen believes that Hoosiers have more in common than the differences we are bombarded with in the news and social media. We all want a safe and healthy environment in which to live, work, and raise families. We all want to know that our students are well educated and ready to enter the workforce with skills that will take them into the future. We all want to know that we have employment opportunities to support ourselves and our families.


Jen will work to end the divisive rhetoric we are inundated with, which does nothing to serve anyone and eliminates progress. She will focus on our common goals and everyday issues that impact the lives of all Hoosiers. She will provide a voice of reason, common sense, and work towards a more collaborative environment. 


Jen was raised with traditional Midwestern family values. She is the proud daughter of a disabled combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient father and a stay-at-home mother who transitioned to the workforce after raising children. Her parents instilled the value of hard work, perseverance, and the importance of critical thinking. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Illinois, Springfield after which she worked in the Illinois State Police Crime Lab for five years supporting multiple local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. She then transitioned to the medical and healthcare field as a researcher in infectious diseases, eventually working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, focusing on rare diseases and oncology. Jen spent the past decade running global clinical trials, which required leading large global teams to achieve targeted milestones while managing large multi-million-dollar budgets. She is currently employed as a Manager of Quality Assurance, ensuring that clinical trials are run ethically and comply with all regulatory standards and requirements.  


Jen has been a married person with no kids, a married working mom, a stay-at-home mom, and a single working mom. She has had many perspectives and wants to hear yours. She has a proven history of working across cultures, personalities, competing priorities, and challenging situations to get things done. She thinks the more we can work to understand each other, the more we can accomplish together for Boone and Hendricks Counties. Jen moved with her two daughters from Illinois to Indiana in 2014. Jen chose this area for the schools, the public safety, and the economic growth opportunities. Over the past eight years it's become clear to her that we can, and must, do better. 


Jen is asking for your support in her bid for Indiana House District 25. Please explore the site, and if you have any questions feel free get in touch with her campaign!


The Issues We Face

School Bus & Children


For a Better Future

In Boone and Hendricks Counties, we are blessed with wonderful public schools, but lately it seems as if our state legislature is creating more problems for public education than it's solving. As the parent of two children in our public schools, Jen wants to be a voice in Indianapolis supporting our schools, teachers and administrators, and our students. Jen believes that Indiana also needs to provide support for our trades and technical community, including providing training that will help ensure future job security.

Woman & Doctor

Health Care

Decades of Experience

All Hoosiers deserve access to quality healthcare at reasonable costs. In Indiana this has become a crisis with respect to maternal mortality, mental health, and access to quality healthcare in rural areas. Jen believes that not only is it imperative to provide quality healthcare, but to reduce the stigma related to mental health and working to provide greater access to services in this area. This became even more critical during the time of the global Covid-19 pandemic and continues to be an issue which needs attention. 


The Environment

Indiana ranks at the bottom

Indiana is one of the most polluted states in the nation. Our waterways were recently ranked as the most polluted in the nation. If we don't have clean air, water, and land, we don't have the most basic requirements for healthy and prosperous lives for our citizens. We must be sure that our State is doing everything possible to correct our direction in this area. Jen will work to pass reasonable and responsible legislation to address our state's pollution issues. 


GOP Supermajority

The Stakes are High

Jen believes that in order for Indiana to move forward, people on both sides of the aisle need to have their voices and concerns heard and addressed. She believes the statehouse should be a place of cooperation and will work hard to find common ground with other legislators to get things accomplished for the benefit of all Hoosiers. The current GOP Supermajority is unhealthy for our state because it allows one party to govern without listening to all citizens of this state. Sending Jen to the statehouse would be a step to having your voice and your concerns represented there. Jen will work hard to represent all of her constituent's concerns and interests. 

Small Business Owner


Keeping Business Booming

Indiana cannot provide quality education and training programs for Hoosiers, only to have them relocate out of state to find employment to support themselves and their families. We need to ensure that high paying jobs are abundant in our state, which will help to positively impact our local economies and communities. 

Jen Bass-Patino is proud to support small businesses throughout the community and understands that they are still suffering the effects from the Covid-19 pandemic. She plans to help small businesses to overcome those hardships and employment issues to ensure not only do Boone and Hendricks County businesses survive the pandemic, but they also thrive.

Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in Jen Bass-Patino's campaign for House District 25. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get involved, please provide your information here, or email her at VoteJenBP@gmail.com. The best ways to help Jen are to volunteer or donate. Click the donate button above or mail a check to:

The Committee to Elect Jen Bass-Patino

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